Everyone needs guidance to attain excellence in any field. Same applies to cricket. You need an experienced and knowledgeable helping Coach for guidance on the tough journey. So find out the best cricket academy in your area and give your best to get selected in the same.

The GKCI team launched a 14 dayPowerPlayer camp in Pune to make sure the work done and the energy created during the Talent hunt continued.

The GKCI Talent hunt started with team GKCI running 5 talent hunts around India in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Pune.

On the 5th of May 2018, Gary Kirsten Cricket India announced its arrival at a spectacular event at the Marriot Hotel, Pune.

It was a great experience for everyone and a tour wouldn’t be complete without some excursions outside of the game.

This was a tour that was really going to test the players as it was time to go and visit the Home of Gary Kirsten cricket in Cape Town, South Africa.

Rhitwicq and Aaryan Sharma from Chandigarh have joined up with coach Ryan van Niekerk for a high performance week from the 4th-8th March 2019 in Pune .